Friday, May 28, 2010

in full bloom

There are only a couple of weeks before Ian and I move into our new apartment. One of the most exciting aspects of the space? A balcony! (Not a fire escape but an actual it's-legal-to-display-things-there balcony.) We've decided to do a little container garden featuring ornamentals, tomatoes, and herbs. My dad gave me three tomatoes he started from seed, and we also got one -- plus a baby rosemary plant -- in last week's CSA box.

Last night, we made a trip to Stein's to buy the flowers. I'm quite satisfied with the results (and am well aware that I've packed a lot in's worked in the past, so we'll see what happens!). Here's what we've ended up with:
  • Saffron Superbells Calibrachoa: A vine-y plant with little yellow trumpet-shaped flowers with a burgundy circle around the center 
  • Bloodleaf: A purplish-green plant sans blooms
  • White Geranium: A flowering plant with fuzzy, ruffly green leaves and groups of white flowers
  • White Madness Petunia: A plant with sticky, prickly leaves and white trumpet-shaped blooms (and don't ask me to give you seeds...the tag prohibits unauthorized propagation)
  • Magenta Madness Petunia: Same as above, except with (yep) magenta flowers
  • Tuscany Burgundy Verbena: Another vine-y plant with clumps of deep burgundy flowers with white centers
Can't wait for the plants to fill in! Have you planted anything this year? How's it doing?

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