Tuesday, June 1, 2010

so american

Every year, we Americans set aside the last Monday in May to remember people in the military who have died while serving our nation. I am so blessed to personally know just one of those soldiers. Though I do spend some time each Memorial Day thinking about him and all the other soldiers who have lost their lives, I also like to do something to commemorate the country they were fighting to protect. (Read: While I'm not always a big fan of the things our government does in the name of United States citizens, I am very, very grateful to live here.) So every Memorial Day, I try to let a little extra pride show...and this year, it was by participating in one of America's homegrown pastimes: minigolf. Girls against boys. Hoo ha.

Mom and Dad drove down to visit all their Waukesha-dwelling children for lunch. Afterward, Andrew and I talked everyone into a game of minigolf at Prairieville Park.

Everybody fared quite well despite the hole designs doing everything possible to keep balls out.

Despite Hole 14's best efforts to repel my ball, I shot a hole in one! But I also racked up seven sixes, making me the worst-scoring person on Team Estrogen.

The Trooper Award goes to Ian, who, apparently, is not a big fan of minigolf. Guess we'll be going to the next Rufus Wainwright concert.

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