Saturday, April 28, 2012

six months later

Hello. It's nice to see you! And it's nice to be back.

The last six months have flown by, and as you've probably noticed, I haven't blogged. Well, that's not entirely true. I've done some editor's posts on the Birds & Blooms blog, and have "met" some truly outstanding garden bloggers, including Gayla Trail and Margaret Roach. I've been dreaming about gardening a lot lately, and have big ideas for upcoming opportunities. But more on that later...

I've also picked up a freelance gig with, working on their new local wedding blog, It's been incredibly fun to pick up where I left off a couple of years ago, and it's gratifying to be able to introduce local wedding resources to couples in Southeastern Wisconsin. As someone who married in this area, I know how hard it is to see something inspirational in a magazine and then try to find it here. And that's what Wed In Milwaukee is about. Last Tuesday, we were formally introduced to the masses via a blog post on OnMilwaukee and a billboard on I-94 East (near the 27th St. exit), which resulted in an extremely positive response.

More notable things have happened since I last checked in, and I'm excited to tell you about them. Imagine me putting out my pinky -- pinky-swearing that you'll see me way more often. Until then, happy spring. I missed you!