Saturday, May 15, 2010

a day in the windy city

On Friday, Ian and I found ourselves in Chicago and decided to stop in and see my cousin, Chelle, and her family. It's less than two hours from Waukesha, so we've had lots of opportunities to sightsee -- this time, we got a taste of local flavor just by wandering around their cute little neighborhood for the afternoon (we even got to catch up with some of my other cousins who live nearby). I was shocked to learn that our (quite pregnant) friend, Monika's shop is about a block from Chelle and Joe's home. I was relieved that she didn't go into labor when we walked in to say hi. Great day!

I wanted you to see Chelle and Joe's little guy, Colby. He's the one we got to babysit in New York last November. Hasn't he grown?! What a bug!

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