Monday, May 3, 2010


I first visited Pilgrim Center in Green Lake, Wisconsin, at the tender age of five or six when my mom and I were campers in the aptly named "Mom & Me" program. For the rest of my childhood, I returned to this UCC-sponsored camp almost every year and still keep in touch with people I met there. On Friday, my mom and I stayed there for a women's retreat, and this time Granny joined us, along with Aunt Lonnie, our keynote speaker. Despite a tornado warning and one of the longest power outages in Pilgrim's history, I'm so glad we got to be there together. I hope we can make it a tradition.

If you haven't guessed, I feel a deep spiritual connection with nature. I was grateful to have time to wander around outside (after the storms passed). The grounds are gorgeous.

And if the cook is reading this, could you please, please send your artichoke-sesame tea sandwich recipe?

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Jenny Mom said...

Wonderful recent posts! I am SOOOO envious of the scarlet tanager sighting.

The first time you went to Pilgrim you were six weeks old. I distinctly remember it because the group I was leading met in Faville and it was the first time I set eyes upon that awful plaid carpeting in the meeting room there. Of course, then it was brand new, incredibly fashionable, and made us all proud.