Sunday, September 6, 2009

sheep may safely graze

Happy September! I'm glad that, even though school has started again, the days aren't getting chilly too quickly. (However, I am excitedly preparing for soon as I finish this post, I'm buying this and a coordinating fleece zippy jacket to wear under it...I can see myself practically living in this!)

Anyway, yesterday was gorgeous: It was a sunny 80 degrees made comfortable by a light breeze. Perfect weather for heading out to the Central Park Sheep Meadow so Ian could grade his first batch of papers and I could try to finish World Without End (I didn't quite get there -- only about 80 pages to go). We brought our big wool picnic blanket and respective reading materials, stopped off for some sandwiches, and found ourselves a spot under a huge tree. It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

How are you enjoying this Labor Day weekend?

Here's what I was up to last year.

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Kelly said...

Oh Ellie I am so jealous. It looks like a beautiful day in one of my favorite cities. As you know, it is fair time here, so tomorrow it's off to see how the church kids did with their animals and eat various deep fried and completely unhealthy foods.

Enjoy a beautiful day and say hi to NYC for me.