Saturday, September 6, 2008

stormy weather

We're being hit by a tropical storm! How cool is that? Not exactly something I could ever claim when I lived in Wisconsin. I love a good storm, so when I heard that Tropical Storm Hanna was making its way up the East Coast I was pretty excited (assuming, of course, that everybody involved would remain safe).

Last night, on my walk home, I could actually sense the storm approaching. The wind was different. It felt heavy, like it was bearing down from above. The clouds, lower than usual, were churning -- and moving in from the east. Storms here almost always come from the west -- we love standing on the 125th Street subway platform-slash-bridge to watch the black thunderheads and columns of rain come in across the Hudson.

Luckily, Tropical Storm Hanna doesn't seem hazardous (except to shoes and pant-legs), but this is the longest rain we've had in many months (so far more than six hours). Strangely, and unfortunately, it isn't producing any thunder and lightning. Maybe we'll get some during the remainder of the storm (as we can see, there's more coming, thanks to our friends at The Weather Channel).

This afternoon I rode down to 34th Street with Ian, who was on his way to work, to check out Macy's Lowest Prices of the Season sale, and happened to notice that the clouds continue to be particularly low. The skinny building in the center of the photo is the Empire State Building. I'd say about 1/3 of it is immersed in clouds, which is why you probably didn't recognize it (and why I had to google images for "Macy's Empire State Building" to make sure it really was the ESB).

I love cool weather phenomena! Maybe autumnal temperatures will follow Hanna. (By the way, don't forget to vote for your favorite season in this week's poll located in the right column!)

Lastly, I'm sure you're all wondering: Ian is really enjoying his job. The restaurant is doing a slow open, so the staff is able to practice on a smaller number of patrons before their grand opening. The only thing neither of us likes about Ian's job is that he's been working exclusively evening shifts, so we rarely get to see each other (he comes home well after midnight). I trust things will seem better once the restaurant starts to publish the schedule on a regular basis. Until now it's been a day-by-day thing, so we can never make plans and I'm still getting used to that. Thankfully we have text messaging!

What ways do you deal when you and a loved one have to spend a lot of time apart? Leave a comment!


Liz said...

Hey Lady! I'll be the first to comment. :) I find something I love and he only so-so likes. Like eating zuchini - he doesn't like it. I love it. I eat it when he's gone. :) I practice the piano so my screw ups are loud and no one but me will know! I take out all my cookbooks and begin updating the list of all the things I want to make but never get around to because I forget.. :) I bake. :) Not too many grand ideas - usually by the time Keith is gone I'm either JUST getting home from work and there's dinner, then dishes, then bed to occupy my time or I'm so tired that in about an hour I'm in bed. :) OK, speaking of bed, I had some trouble getting to sleep tonight so I'm off to try again. :) Good thing I have the day off tomorrow. :) LOVE YOU GUYS. Lizzie

Amy said...

Here are some things that I do when Andrew is away: read a good book, watch a funny movie, workout at the fitness center, catch-up on emails and phone calls to loved ones, go to the store and browse the clearance racks. Or, if I'm really desperate, I might clean and reorganize things in an attempt to find more space in our tiny's all I can think of for now. Love, Amy

kzcliffe said...

Turn the music up and Dance...Light a candle and meditate...Leave a love note on the mirror before you go to bed...

And if there comes a moment when it all seems too much, you might try a method I learned about 30 years ago from a woman much wiser than me: Go stand in the middle of the room, wrap your arms around yourself and rock and rock and rock - and whether all that comforting makes you sit down and have a good cry or the picture that it evokes makes you sit down and have a good laugh, you are guaranteed to feel better!

"Today is full of infinite possibilities...It will be alive with gold dust in the air..."

Alice said...

Hello so |I have been thinking. When Aaron use towork night and we seen each other in passing, we left post it notes to each other. It was fun to find them. I crafted, it kept me busy and usually gave me lots of time to be creative. I think the house was never cleaner than too. Hope all is well. Alice