Monday, September 14, 2009

hidden treasure

If you ever find yourself in Morningside Heights, keep your eyes peeled. On a little street just off Broadway, you'll find my favorite restaurant: Pisticci. Since we discovered it in 2006, we've taken nearly all our visitors there, but I've never blogged about the place, only the people we've eaten with. I thought it was high time to share.

Since he started working there a month or so ago, this is where Ian spends two days and three evenings a week -- but that's okay because they have a really open family policy. I try to visit about once a week, and I've even made friends with some of the other employees' mates. The place is so homey and warm. And the food is delicious (my favorite is the namesake pasta, Penne Pisticci). I wish I could figure out how to make their fresh tomato sauce...but then I guess I wouldn't be tempted to go there as much anymore!

The quaint exterior (notice how the entrance is at the garden level -- it adds to the cozy factor)

The handsomest bartender ever (he loves that he can wear a hat -- I see a few more in his future)

Click here to see Pisticci on the news!

What's your favorite restaurant? Why do you like it?

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