Sunday, November 9, 2008

west harlem piers park

Yay! We have a new park! Originally scheduled to open last spring, it has been in the works for quite awhile. But the fences have finally been taken down, so Ian and I went to look around this afternoon -- perhaps one of the last warm days of the year.

The views from West Harlem Piers Park are especially gorgeous right now, with the colors in full brilliance across the Hudson in Edgewater, New Jersey, and the majestic George Washington Bridge is to the north (at night, it's covered in twinkling lights). I love the landscaping here, too. It incorporates a great combination of industrial and rustic shoreline influences to tie in the nearby tressels and the natural feel of the Hudson using metal, sand, timbers, concrete, and a variety of native plants.

I can tell this will be a highly valued spot in our neighborhood. Already, people are fishing from the piers and riding their bikes here, and I'm looking forward to watching sailboats come and go as soon as the docks are complete. So add this one to your must-do list when you come to visit.

Oh! Good news! Ian's restaurant got a great review from The New York Times. Even though it has only been public since Wednesday, the number of guests has been climbing steadily. So yay! (Another spot to add to your must-do list if you haven't already!)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch Cities of the Underworld. Yeah!

PS Did you notice the new haircut?

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Colleen said...

How nice Ian looks. Now how will we get him to shave?? :) teasing, really, teasing.