Sunday, November 16, 2008

bucking tradition

Ian and I have a beloved Sunday routine. We wake up and turn on Sunday Morning. I make coffee while Ian makes breakfast. Then we get ready for church, go to worship, walk home, eat a quick lunch while we're making our grocery list, and then go to the store. Then we do some laundry and make a big, experimental dinner. Today we didn't do that.

It started out the same, but after church, Ian mentioned that he'd had a craving for food from one of our favorite hamburger joints, the Shake Shack (for those of you who've been to the Madison Square one, they've just opened a new location on the Upper West Side -- dangerous!). So we went. After a fantastic lunch, we wandered across the street to check out an event I'd never seen: a flea market.

Wow! What an interesting, weird collection of stuff! Ian and I braved the cold, windy weather to browse through antiques, arts and crafts, jewelry, books, military memorabilia, seashells, furniture, fur coats, statues, signs, boots...the whole gamut. This one happened to be a green flea market, so there was food too. I'm very excited to go back when it's a little bit warmer. (I have to visit the mirror I'm saving up for.) If you ever want to go flea-marketing, I'm definitely game.

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Jenny/Mom said...

Hey Peanut! A flea market would be a wonderful place to shop for tea cups! The next time we visit, let's try to do that.

It is great to have a new entry from you and Ian. I watch eagerly for new stories and new photos, so thanks!! Love, Jenny/Mom