Thursday, August 14, 2008

home again, home again

So we just returned from the quickest trip to the Midwest we've ever had (three days), back for the first time in eight months. We were invited to our friends Chris and Monika's wedding in Chicago, and I'm finally able to take vacation and it was a slow time at Ian's job, so we were excited to be able to go. Since we were so close, we thought we'd swing up to see our families too, and it was a lovely time.

A few points of note:
  • If you're traveling to Chicago from Milwaukee, you might as well walk -- we averaged less than 30 mph. Nevertheless, the drive was well worth it and a fabulous time was had by all. (If you've seen a lonely black suit coat with blue lining, you know who to call.)

    The happy couple

  • I got to work in the garden! If you want to eat the best lettuce ever, visit my parents in 42 to 47 days.
  • Guinness makes a fantastic addition to cake. Try this recipe from Nigella, which can also be found in her cookbook Feast.
  • Of everyone we saw, our niece Abigail has changed the most. She's speaking in full sentences, but some don't quite make sense. Example: "What da heck, James! Blast off!" (Nobody knows who James is.) I guess we weren't very helpful in calming her down.
  • And Ian read a work of fiction!
All in all, it was a really nice trip, although we're very much looking forward to fully recovering this weekend. Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible: Chris and Monika for getting married, our parents for the food, lodging, and iPass, our friends and families for the fun, Midwest Airlines for getting us there safely (albeit late), Enterprise Rent a Car and the A-Team for the transportation, and The Knot Inc. and Union Theological Seminary for the funding.

Next for the A-Team: a Waukesha bocce team?
The games we played in Waukesha were all new to me:
Pioneer Ring Toss,

Ladder Golf,

and Uncle Keith Is a Horse.
And here we are at the Fond du Lac lighthouse that protects boaters from running aground on Lake Winnebago's treacherous shores.

All photos from Waukesha courtesy of Keith Kucharski,

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Amy said...

Wow! How honored I feel to leave the first like the hedgehog in the hot air balloon - he (or she) is cute. We're glad you had a wonderful weekend. It was nice to see you, and The A-Team is open to rematches at any time - even extreme winter bocce. Much love!