Sunday, August 24, 2008

following our dreams

This week was full of good news from loved ones who have, themselves, received good news. I am so proud of them!

ian s. cliffe
Ian got a job...on Wall Street. Surprised? Most of you know that he recently graduated with a master's in theology. His original plan was to take a few years off to teach high school prior to pursuing his doctorate. He spent months looking, but nothing was a good fit. The interviewer at one private girls' school, Ian's top choice, actually told him that they weren't going to hire a man (too bad Ian wasn't wearing a wire -- we'd never work again).

Last week, Ian finally decided to follow his dream and get into the restaurant business (for ages he's been talking about opening one when we get back to Wisconsin). He was hired on the spot to work at a not-even-open restaurant called 
Libertine. Although Ian is a little bit nervous, I'm amazingly calm about this massive career change because he's really happy.

james f.d. martin
The second bearer of good news is my dad. He's a United Church of Christ pastor, passionate about the music ministry. Last week, Dad heard that at this year's UCC musicians' conference, two of his songs were played -- the only composer featured twice -- which means they'll both appear in the new UCC praise song book!

honorable mentions
Two other family members have literary dreams in the works: A certain aunt is releasing an amazing cookbook and an uncle is working on a fabulous book, as well -- I know because I'm editing it! (Don't want to expose their identities and ruin any surprises...) I'll let you know when they're available. Order early! They're bound to be best-sellers.

If you'd like to be mentioned in my compendium of dream-following, please let me know!


Mom said...

Uncle John Polakowski or one of Ian's uncles?

Love, your curious Mom

P.S. Today Jerry and Marie and Lois were in church at Bethel. They asked about you. It was wonderful to see them. We saw LOTS of Saron friends at Ashley's wedding too. They also inquired about the two of you. People were tickled with the blog.

Kendra said...

Congrats on your new job, Ian!!

Josh and Kendra

chris said...

Good news are always good to read. It's better than regular tv news.

ellie said...

It is not Uncle John :)