Saturday, February 27, 2010

the move: extended navigator's cut, part 2

South Bend, Indiana

We're safe and sound in the great state of Indiana. The weather cooperated a lot better today, but because the first leg of our trip was so exhausting, we wanted to take it slow and spend another night in a hotel instead of drive all the way to Waukesha (four more hours). Although there were periodic snow showers, the roads stayed clear. In fact, they were mostly clear of people too, which made for a much more relaxed drive.

In Pennsylvania: A little town (no idea which one) nestled into the hills

In Ohio: Ian got another souvenir penny for his collection

In Indiana: Westward ho for a robotic arm (?!)

Barring a catastrophe, tomorrow we'll be Wisconsin residents again! We have no idea what the future holds for us, but I'll be sure to keep you updated right here on the blog. For now, readers, over and out.


kzcliffe said...

Oh, frabjous day! whoo-hoo! So happy to hear that you are safe and sound :) We are so looking forward to welcoming you home tomorrow. We felt a little guilty, but by about 8:00, we headed out for take-out from Gray Terrace...wondering the whole time whether we would be placing another order sometime before their 11:00 kitchen closing. What a delight to find your pictures and travel update. Hope you have found a nice cozy stopping point and that tomorrow will bring easy traveling all the way home.
love and hugs from the cliffe mom and dad

Liz said...

WELCOME HOME!!! We'll miss the excuse to visit NYC..but hopefully we'll be able to visit with you guys! Glad you were so safe.