Thursday, February 25, 2010

fare thee well, fair city

Well, dear readers, we have about two boxes left to pack and it's only about 1 p.m. The oh-crap-who-the-hell-is-going-to-help-us-pack-the-UHaul debacle of 2 a.m. today has been solved (thanks, Rob the Mover!) and I'm forever grateful to Aleve Cold & Sinus.

What a run we've had in this great city, thanks to many of you... The next time you read anything from me, we'll (hopefully) be on the road back to Wisconsin. Wish us luck!


kzcliffe said...

Just tried to call and am wondering if the phone is actually busy - or is that the sound of "nobody home"!?

Am checking the weather (hope it sounds better than last night's forecast) and wishing you safe travels.

We've enjoyed experiencing Manhattan vicariously through your blog and having the chance to share some adventures in person...Precious memories all.

Waiting in Wisconsin with open arms!

Amy said...

What a relief! Safe travels!