Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I'm proud to report that we've successfully completed our move! (We've moved four times in four years, and are still pack rats...) Every last box has been unpacked, and Ian, bless him, got rid of our huge pile of cardboard this morning via Craigslist -- here it's abominable to throw away, or even recycle, your moving boxes. Someone else always needs them, no matter how crumpled or flimsy or written-on or dirty they are. So we're just waiting for our couch, which will be delivered (and lugged up four flights of stairs by some poor, unsuspecting deliveryfolk) tomorrow, and cable/Internet/phone, to be hooked up on Saturday (perhaps even more exciting than getting the couch).

This year we're saving on postage and paper by sending "We've Moved" e-notices. So if you want one, please email, call one of our cell phones, or send a message on Facebook. You could also comment on the blog and I'll receive it as an email -- I promise not to post it.

Thanks for bearing with me during the Great Move of 2009. I'm resolving to make posting a priority this summer. Stay tuned!

Update: I'm so angry, I'm near to tears. Time-Warner made a mistake when they set up our installation appointment and has to push it back to the middle of next week. Guess that means I'll be spending part of the weekend editing photos so I have a huge batch ready to post. Sorry.


Andrew Feldner said...

Pictures of the new place! When you get your internet up that is! And Colleen needs an e-moved. I'll loose it!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear things are going so well and you are happy with your new space!!! Please send me your updated address when you get a chance.
Take care and hope to see you soon!!!
please tell Ian hello as well!

kzcliffe said...

Congratulations! So happy to hear you are settled - must feel grand! I second the motion - Can't wait to see pictures, couch included.
While you are waiting for the cable guy, we will be going to the Saturday Boutiques with Grandpa George... need anything? Grandpa is always eager to help a pack rat ;)
love to you both

Rywatts9 said...

Hey, can I surf that couch this Fall? I predict at least one NYC visit, maybe more. Congrats on the move.