Sunday, May 17, 2009

a new home

We finally found an apartment. After looking at nearly 50 apartments in Inwood and Washington Heights (not just browsing on Craigslist -- physically being inside every single one), we got a tip from a broker about a space in a neighborhood a couple miles south of here that I actually wrote about in my last blog post: the Upper West Side.

-- By the way, I humbly apologize for my long hiatus from writing. I frequently thought about updating you on our lives here in Manhattan, but never at the appropriate time. The powers that be at The Knot would more than likely frown on such activities during business hours... --

So, we're happy to report that our new apartment is in a neighborhood that we know well -- it's near so many spots we frequent (Central Park, a wide variety of restaurants, the necessary shops, cute frivolous little shops, three train lines, that bar I told you about...). The apartment itself has a great kitchen, an open floor plan (so even though it's just one bedroom, the space is much more usable than in our current one), an updated bath, closets, sound floors, a green courtyard view, a great window for Sprout, and lots and lots of built-in lighting. Enviable.

I took some pics inside, but I decided not to post them to be fair to the girl who lives there now (who must have been robbed shortly before we arrived). I do have these two for you, though.

...Heading to our new apartment to sign the lease. If the world were 2-D, the stoplight would be resting on top of the building where we'll live.

This is our cross-street. That green space in the background? The Park. Come Thanksgiving, we'll be waking up and walking down the street in our PJ's to watch the parade instead of getting up at the crack of dawn, braving the crowds on the train, and still barely being able to see once we get to Central Park West.

We're so excited about our new space. I don't remember apartment hunting being so exhausting. But it's all over and we can resume living again. Summer in the City is a truly unique experience. Can't wait to tell you all about it.


Kelly said...

Congrats on the new apartment!! We love NYC and wish we could get there more often. Your spring pictures are beautiful.

Miss you much!

kzcliffe said...

Oh Frabjous Joy! What happy news!
When will you be moving in? Do you need help? Okay, that is a little far-fetched, but I sure would like a first hand look...and would be willing to clean a stove or bathroom in the bargain ;)
Happy "signing day"!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on finding a new place! I can't wait to see pictures once you're all moved in. Hope you guys are doing well :)

Katie Barnes

Anonymous said...

Apartment/house hunting is exhausting anywhere, but especially where you live. I just compete with college students, dilapidated housing stock and small houses.