Sunday, June 21, 2009

sunday, rainy sunday

It's been a nice, relaxing Sunday here on Columbus Avenue. This afternoon, we walked down to the flea market to look for a few more pieces of furniture (including desk chairs for both of us -- I'm sitting on a side table right now!). We found a couple of gorgeous pieces, but they would have needed to be refinished. No deal. We also pored through loads of vintage lithographs of maps and artwork. (Yesterday at Housing Works -- a popular thrift store whose proceeds go to end AIDS and homelessness -- we found an amazing drawing of a scene from the Revolutionary War that would have gone perfectly in our colonial-themed bedroom. The frame was hideous, though, so we decided to keep looking. Now I'm obsessed!) When we left the flea market, it was raining. Again. We're making the best of it, and thankfully there hasn't been any flooding (which could be disastrous given the population density), but I can't think of one day when it hasn't rained since we moved into our new apartment! Our umbrellas have become our favorite accessories.

I know I said I'd post photos of the new space, but it's not quite done yet. This week, we'll hang our artwork and shelve the piles of books and DVDs which are littering the perimeter of our great room, and then we'll be all set. Talk soon!

PS You may be wondering why I'm able to post today when Time-Warner told us they'd postponed our installation until Wednesday. So are we. Perhaps it was the combined five hours Ian and I spent on the phone with them last week...

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wendy said...

Auntie Ellie - I like your hair! It is just like mine now!
I miss you and I love you