Saturday, January 17, 2009

taking the plunge

I've been in the throes of a huge internal struggle since Tuesday, when Josh was here. It all started when he asked an innocent enough question: "Why aren't you guys doing any social networking?"

Well, the truth of the matter is, neither Ian nor I have ever really seen the point. At least initially. But lately we've been hearing about people's aunts (like Eric's, who recently called him Schmoopy Woopy right there on his wall) and grandparents having accounts. Okay. No offense to grandparents, but I'm an Echo Boomer. We're the kids who are almost too young to remember Pong, for goodness' sake. I need to set an example! Follow the crowd! "Friend" people who I last saw in kindergarten or who I'd never have the guts to actually speak to in person!

So with heart pounding (really!), I decided to join. But I'm going to use this opportunity to do a social experiment, which will thusly reduce the guilt I'm suffering from caving in. Instead of actively seeking out people, I've set up a profile and will wait and see what happens. That way, the next time someone asks, I can simply say, "Yeah, I have an account, but I don't really use it." But if an old friend gets in touch, I won't complain! It's the perfect compromise. I'm riding on the edge of the bandwagon. Whew. It's not so bad.

Don't hold your breath,'re never going to find me on Twitter. Vive la resistance!


Jenny/Mom said...

Where ARE we going to find you?

kzc said...

Oh, my - it really is a whole new age... "friend" is a Verb!