Tuesday, February 10, 2009

three weeks later...

When I haven't heard from someone in a while, I jump to one of two conclusions. First, that they're so busy they don't have time to catch up. Or that they are dead (thankfully, that has never actually been the case).

Well, we're doing very well and, yes, are extremely busy. I've been working long hours at The Knot, finishing Hippie Bob's book (coming soon!), and spending time with Ian on one or two weeknights a week. Ian is teaching a world religions class at Manhattan College (he really likes it!), plus working full-time at The Libertine (now running, serving, and bartending!). Luckily, we never have to work on weekends, and it's become especially sacred time for us.

We just spent a wonderful and renewing weekend at my folks' house (but it wasn't long enough!). I'll post some photos as soon as I have them. Just like our last trip, Ian and I were having so much fun that we forgot to take any ourselves! If you have some, please let me know!

Perfect timing...the clothes should be dry. Then it's off to bed for me. I have a dentist appointment before work (wish me luck!).

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