Sunday, March 14, 2010

st. patrick's week

What kind of sister would I be if I didn't rave about the show I saw last night? Amy and I went to watch Andrew's band, The Scrubbers, play at Derry Hegarty's right after the Milwaukee St. Patrick's Day Parade. (Since the people of Milwaukee are exceedingly proud of their sort-of Irish heritage, the commemoration of St. Patrick extends beyond March 17 to take up about a week's time.)

The place was packed, but it was clear that a lot of the revelers had never been to a show like this before (case in point: I got yelled at for standing in front of someone's table...what was this? A dinner theater?). But after a couple more rounds of green beer, some original masterpieces, crazy renditions of Irish folk tunes, and Gogol Bordello covers, much of the crowd -- including the crabby guy at the table -- was full-on dancing.

If you ever get the chance, check out The Scrubbers (promise I'm not just saying this...). They're super-fun. They've got two shows on Wednesday: one in downtown Milwaukee at noon and one at O'Marro's Public House in Oshkosh that evening.

Oh, and what kind of sister-in-law would I be if I didn't plug another (great) local Irish band, Dublin O'Shea? Keith's group is playing a lot this week too -- they'll be at the Delafield Brewhaus on the 17th. Can't wait for a show with both brothers on the same bill.

Meanwhile, sláinte.

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PS Check out The Scrubbers on the front page of the MJS Cue section today!