Monday, January 18, 2010

saron expatriates, unite!

Two Fridays ago, I was sitting at my desk and felt a hand on my shoulder (people in New York don't touch each other). Then a voice said, "David said that I shouldn't scare you." It was my old down-the-road-and-around-the-corner-neighbor, Joan (!!!), whose son, David, has lived here for a while and who freelances for us sometimes. (And people in New York definitely don't leap out of their chairs to hug someone.) Joan and Carl were in town visiting for the weekend, and they happened to be in the neighborhood. I was stunned -- they were close to the bottom of the list of who I'd ever see in my office, somewhere around to Rue McClanahan and Karl Rove.
So, the four of us, along with Ian and co-Saron expat, Amy, who's been here for several years, made plans to get together to watch the Packers game (valiant effort, gentlemen) and have dinner two days later. It was a lot of fun, and also so weird to see them all
Definitely a good out-of-the-blue surprise! So, what I'm saying is, come on out anytime. We'd be glad to see you!

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