Thursday, December 31, 2009

ringing it in right

If I don't get a chance to write before the clock strikes 12, check out the screen shot above. This hasn't happened since we've lived here... Waaaaahooooo!

Happy New Year, everybody! How are you celebrating 2010? (I'm going to sit at Pisticci and drink free wine -- Ian has to work.)

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kzcliffe said...

We brought the New Year in without snow but with Bitter Cold - the good news is that it is Sunny! We enjoyed a delicious supper with the Feldner contingent, while the Cliffe-Kucharski's helped Logan through another bout of ear infections. This is the weekend of the last "hockey showdown" in its 4 team format - so Dad will be part of history today and tonight -final game will be UW vs. Yale.
Your survey questions are often difficult to answer, but this one takes the cake! Do I think the economy will improve? Since I think we all have to exercise some optimism in order for it to improve, then the answer is Yes...but it is a qualified "yes," based on the idea that we may need to re-define ourselves and our ideas about what a healthy economy is. Now that I've opened up that can of worms - Happy New Year! May we all have health and happiness in abundance - and enough wealth to enjoy them!