Monday, October 12, 2009


We just had the best time in Wisconsin! One of my closest friends in the whole world, Mandy, got married, and Ian and I expanded our trip by a couple days so we could see our families too.
We spent parts of two days with my folks, including a fun (but very cold -- as in, it snowed!) morning at their farmers' market. Fortunately, they live fairly close to the wedding festivities, so Ian and I drove back and forth! Even though we had only a few hours here and there, I feel like it's some of the best time we've spent together since we moved to New York.

It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of Mandy's wedding party. I cannot emphasize how perfect she and Jon are for each other, and how welcoming and kind both of their families were to both Ian and me. Mandy and Jon had a beautiful wedding and one heck of a party. I got to spend the evening dancing and catching up with our friends, April and Scott and Katie and John (the three girls and I spent a lot of time together while we lived in Waukesha).

The day after the wedding, we zipped down to see more family. We got to eat a very leisurely lunch with the A-Team, and then went to Ian's parents' house for a tasty family dinner. It was wonderful to be together. A particular highlight: We got to meet our new nephew, Logan!

Thank you to everyone involved for making time for us! These photos don't do justice to the weekend, but they're a good start. (I was just so busy!!!) If you have photos, I'd love to see them.

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