Sunday, August 9, 2009

operation clambake

Last night we had the pleasure of getting together with our friends, Candice and Bryan. We met for beers at our favorite new bar, The Pony Bar, and then headed back to their apartment for an at-home clambake.

A couple of weeks ago, Candice asked me if I'd ever done a clambake -- I hadn't. So she experimented with recipes and invited us over once she'd developed a good one. I helped her this time, and it was so easy. We filled a big pot with clams, mussels, shrimp, corn, chicken broth, and a little butter. Then we put on the lid and boiled it for about half an hour.
Meanwhile, Candice, Bryan, and I prepped the rest of the food while Ian made friends with their cat, Shadow.

We lugged it and the rest of our meal (French potato salad, asparagus, rosemary bread, and Prosecco) down to the fourth-floor observation deck and dug in!

It was the perfect night for eating al fresco. We had gorgeous weather, a great location, delicious food, and best of all, fantastic company!


kzcliffe said...

Oh, my - this sets the bar pretty high for entertainment back here in Waukesha! Actually I didn't think clambakes were done anymore - I have the whole idea relegated to the set of "Carousel"! Your NYC backdrop gives it a whole new flavor...

Grandma Z said...

Dori and I just have had a great visit this afternoon and evening. It was our first visit with Logan and with his loving mom. Soon we'll have dessert and coffee. As always we find the hospitality at Karen's very warm. Doris says that I should add "delicious"! Karen is being my secretary. We enjoyed traveling vicariously back to NYC to see all you have been doing and your wonderful photographs.
I'll answer your letter soon!
Love to you both.