Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the high line

We "discovered" the coolest park last weekend. Several blocks' worth of abandoned elevated railroad tracks in Chelsea were recently converted into a park: The High Line. The design is, naturally, very industrial and modern, but instead of including sparse, "clean" landscaping, they chose to create this almost overgrown look with all sorts of native wildflowers which are planted in the track bed -- sometimes the rails are still visible. Given that it's a couple of stories up in the air, the views are fantastic as well. We got to watch as the sun moved over the Statue of Liberty and the Hudson and sank behind the New Jersey hills. If you ever get the chance to go, please do.

And, with that, some photos. (Speaking of high, I don't trust myself to write anymore. My codeine has just kicked in and, as Ian says, I'm feeling "floppy." My lip should start looking and feeling pretty close to normal by this weekend. Yay! Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers, by the way!)

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kzc said...

okay, i really do need to get on facebook! didn't know anything was going on with your didn't try to walk through a window, did you? That method is one I perfected. I hope you will be back to normal very soon!
The park looks wonderful - love your photos.
love and hugs.