Tuesday, July 28, 2009

where the heart is

I don't know if this apartment has ever been as busy as it was last weekend. My folks came to visit and we had a great time, and even though the place is around 500 square feet, the four of us hung out here for a lot of it.

We didn't just have Scattergories marathons or cook up great feasts, though. We ventured out to lands unknown -- namely the Brooklyn Botanic Garden -- and saw some old favorites, too, like Central Park and West Harlem Piers Park.

It was fun to have two very active cameras (I think we took more than 300 photos). Here are some of my favorite shots:

On Friday evening at twilight we three Martin/Dawsons took a walk around our neighborhood (including the Brandeis garden and the Central Park Reservoir) before we stopped down to say hi to Ian who was working at The Libertine.

On Saturday, all four of us spent the day at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in Prospect Park. It was gorgeous.

That night there were crazy thunderstorms on Sunday evening, so we stayed in and played Scattergories. It was a blast. Some common themes: lizards, Alan Alda, and Walla Walla, Washington.

Ian needed to work again on Monday, so Mom, Dad, and I spent much of the day out and about in Central Park, where we people- and bird-watched.

It rained again on Monday, but only for a few minutes. Like good New Yorkers, we were prepared.

It's always hard to say good-bye to our loved ones, but maybe a running meter makes it a little easier...but not enough to make the savings worth it. Come back soon, ya hear?

It's weird having two homes now...here and Wisconsin. The longer we're here and the more visitors we have, the more firmly our feet and our hearts will be planted in both places. I don't know if I'll ever get used to that.

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