Monday, July 20, 2009


Hi there! Just checking in with a few things to report. It has been a good and interesting couple of days.

After a quick turn of events early last week, Ian got a new bartending job at none other than our favorite neighborhood restaurant, Pisticci. In fact, he's training tonight. He had a great run at The Libertine, but he's looking forward to expanding his experience in other cuisines and atmospheres. The Libertine, a new-British/American restaurant, is the epitome of class and refinement, whereas Pisticci is warm and comfortable (and serves, you guessed it, Italian fare).

On Saturday, we went to a music festival: the Psychobilly Luau. Aside from enjoying the music (a mix between the surf, punk, and metal genres), we like the people...they're a rare breed. The guys dress like greasers, the girls dress like pinups -- it's pretty cool. Anyhow, we saw some great up-and-coming bands (my favorite: the Arkhams) and had a wonderful time dancing and people-watching. For me, though, the highlight may have been the photo booth. I don't remember ever getting my picture taken in one before, and we certainly had never done so together, so we took full advantage. In my opinion, they're some of our best photos ever.

What's next for us, you ask? My parents are coming to visit on Friday! It's going to be great. Will report back soon!

What does the rest of the summer hold for you?

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annie said...

E~ thank you so much for sharing the tid-bits on your big city life! I really enjoy hearing of you adventures. You are helping me albeit my travel bug a little longer!