Wednesday, March 11, 2009

not in a million years

After eight years, I was reunited with my longtime friend, AJ (Dr. AJ!), today -- long ago I'd resigned myself to the fact that I'd probably never see her again. The way it came about is so bizarre. Do you remember that networking website I wrote about a while back? Well, I found AJ's sister, Becca, and subsequently learned that she's living in the city, and that AJ was coming to visit this week. Well, the three of us arranged to have lunch today!

It was wonderful to have my own little slice of Plymouth right there on Spring lunch in a long time. And I knew we are still kindred spirits when they told me about typos they'd found at The Met -- which included a lovely bust of King Lois XIV. I really hope we're able to stay in touch this time.

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Andrea said...

Wow!! Isn't it bizarre how we end up crossing paths with those from our past? I recently ran into several old friends (on separate occasions). How fun for you girls!