Sunday, March 1, 2009

my regards to off broadway

Yesterday we had the pleasure of spending much of the day with my college friend, Janelle, who was up from DC for the weekend, staying with our mutual friend Eric. The original plan was that we'd go to a musical in the afternoon and then see what the rest of the day presented to us -- an exciting prospect because we rarely go to shows. That morning, though, when we confirmed plans with Eric, he told us he had a surprise for the evening.

The musical we'd planned to go to was Enter Laughing, which was simultaneously original and classic, and very clever (with tons of belly laughs). I highly recommend it, so go! It's playing at the York Theatre where Eric often volunteers, so we got to talk with many of the staff which was a cool opportunity. It's gotten tons of acclaim -- as it should.

Eric's surprise turned out to be tickets to another show, Rooms, a "rock romance." Even though it was a preview, the theater was packed, and I could definitely see why. It's very innovative, with a 5-piece rock band playing overhead, and only two actors doing the whole 90-minute show. I'm virtually positive the show will be extremely successful. Eric's roommate, Scott, is the show's production manager and we finally got to meet him (we were convinced he didn't exist!).

It was a fantastic evening! Now I'm really excited to visit Janelle in DC. Even though we hadn't seen each other since graduation (five years ago!), it felt like we didn't miss a beat. Isn't it nice when that happens?


kzcliffe said...

Have just been looking at possibilities for theatre on our next visit - the list includes four musicals! I am interested to see that 'Billy Elliot' has music by Elton John. Other famous names that caught my attention:
Angela Lansbury in "Blithe Spirit" (glad to know she's still living, much less acting!) and Susan Sarandon in "Exit the King".
Best and most anticipated on our agenda: seeing Ian and Ellie!!

Jenny/Mom said...

What a wonderful blog! Thank you for sharing your fun evening!