Sunday, May 6, 2012

craving a good sandwich

Doesn't everyone? So, when my friend Sarah invited me to check out The Loaded Slate, I accepted. It's in a cute old building on Milwaukee's Old World Third Street, now dwarfed by the under-construction Moderne. Inside, baseball and soccer were on the TVs, a couple motor scooters were leaned against walls and all the guys were nursing Bloody Marys -- it's a bro bar. True to the name, chalkboards were scattered about the place, depicting everything from drink specials to whom to call for a good time (that one was in the bathroom -- pretty sure someone on the staff would have picked up if you called it). 
The tables had a chalkboard-painted board in the center, surrounded by a trough for chalk. Very clever. And much, much cleaner and less dusty than I'd expected. Thank goodness. A little background: I was nervous to come here because I hate chalk. When I am in a serious situation and for some reason, start to get the giggles, I think of chewing a piece of chalk to keep myself from laughing. Gross? Maybe. But it works.
Anyway, the beer list was pretty good, our server was very attentive, but the food was just OK. (And I think Sarah and I were both horrified by the caddy of plastic silverware at our table.) My server-recommended Slamberry sandwich sounded promising, especially the cranberry mustard sauce, and I was excited for the tater tots, which I haven't eaten in years. I took my first bite and discovered unseasoned chicken, a centimeter-thick layer of raw spinach, and greasy cheese. No cranberry mustard. I did request an extra ramekin of it from our server, and that helped, but it was not enough to redeem the sandwich. I didn't try Sarah's burger, but we could smell Cheez Whiz before the plate even arrived at the table.
Needless to say, I won't be at The Loaded Slate anytime soon. Or ever. But if Smirnoff bombs and College Night are your thing, you won't be disappointed.

This visit has made another Milwaukee sandwich spot shine even more brightly: Melthouse Bistro. Sarah, our friend Tiffany, and I went there a few months ago for an event co-sponsored by the Wisconsin Cheese Board and I've been back a few times since. Melthouse Bistro's goal is to serve as any locally grown and sourced products as possible (everything from cheese to produce to wine), and as its name suggests, it serves finger-lickin' good grilled cheese sandwiches. I had bites of several at the event and enjoyed all, though I think my favorite was The Heartland. I worked with the owners for a project I was doing at Reader's Digest, and they are wonderful, generous people who really believe in their mission. And so do I! Go.

Have you had an amazing sandwich lately?

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Mom/Jenny said...

I went from grossed-out to hungry as I read this. Very well written!