Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"reminisce" with me

And now for a shameless request...

I'm working on a new book about America for Reminisce, a magazine full of memories from the good ol' days of the '20s through '60s. We want to share your memories and photos -- or those of your parents, grandparents, friends or neighbors! Write as much as you'd like, from a few sentences or a few pages.

Here's Reminisce's official request:

Celebrate America! The land we love will be featured in a brand-new book, and we want YOU to be part of it.

Share your life experiences in the USA. Send us your stories, photos and slides, too! Here are some topics to get you started:
  • Living the American dream and hometown memories
  • Patriotism: Fourth of July and other patriotic occasions
  • American heroes: favorite icons from American sports, movies and music
  • Land of opportunity: mom-and-pop businesses, great schools and other success stories
  • America's can-do spirit: overcoming adversity, the Great Depression, World Wars, etc.
  • American inventions and innovations
  • US destinations: vacations and road trips
Please submit your stories and photos by August 1, 2011, to the attention of America Book. Click this link for Reminisce's mailing address and email. You can also deliver your story to me. Just respond in the comments and I'll send you my contact info.

Please share with any great storytellers you know. I look forward to reading everybody's memories -- thanks for your help!

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