Saturday, September 18, 2010

something of a victory

For the past seven months, we've felt like we were living in a sort of alternate universe...we love the people that we're spending time with, our careers, and all the Wisconsin-y things to do. Our apartment is really starting to feel like home (despite its lack of crooked hardwood floors, a clanking radiator, and drafty windows). But, boy, do we miss New York.

Recently, we finally admitted that we've been in a grieving process -- something I think a lot of people go through when they leave a place, and a bit of their heart, behind. We've realized that we were making real life here impossible, trying to fashion our lives as closely as possible to the way they had been. Bad idea. So we're starting over with a new outlook, getting fresh ideas and remembering that together, somehow, this to-do-list girl and this shy boy thrive on spontaneity. And it's working.

Photo by Kristin Johanneck of KJL Photography, Milwaukee, Wis.

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