Thursday, July 22, 2010

expectedly delicious

We made pizza -- or, dare I say, we invented something a lot like it. Honestly, it will take a crazy-good margherita to bring me back to the fold of classic pizza aficionados. The whole thing was brought about by last week's CSA box, which contained large amounts of produce we don't eat on a regular basis: mustard greens, baby beets, and zucchini. We supplemented these goodies with onions (caramelized in honey and lemon juice), bacon (a great friend of mustard greens), mozzarella, goat cheese, and healthy shots of salt and pepper; then, sprinkled everything on top of this dough and baked it 'til it smelled good. Wowie wow wow.

Now it's your turn. Next time you're at the farmers' market, get a bunch of stuff, prep it with complementary seasonings, throw it together over some pizza dough, and see what you get. I can (almost) guarantee you'll love it.

Have you done this? Do tell!


kzcliffe said...

That looks wonderful! You are great adventurers in the kitchen. We managed the more traditional pan sauteed squash, using Penzey's Seasoned Salt and a bit of the fennel greens: delicious, but will have to upgrade quite a bit to meet the bar you two set...
I second the recommendation - love the CSA challenge and surprises: Fennel is a new favorite here!
Looking forward to more notes from your kitchen :)

ellie said...

Excited to find out (aka taste) what you've done with fennel. I've been underwhelmed with what I've had.