Sunday, November 8, 2009

falling for fall

I've reconsidered my original ideas about fall in New York. For the first few years we lived here, I hated it. Actually, there wasn't a fall to speak of. The leaves were green in September, green in October, and just starting to turn in November when suddenly it froze and they all fell off after being gorgeous for about two days. This year it's different. New Yorkers are getting to see some lovely color, and the weather has been warm enough that we've been able to enjoy it.

Today Ian and I took a stroll. As usual, it wasn't your normal walk in the park...things seemed almost wild today.


Lizzie said...

We miss you so!!! Yes, all of us - even those that smile like goons at "stairway to heaven" :)
Loads and Loads of love. Liz, Keith and Logan

Jenny said...

Neat pictures -- I'm so glad we've been there with you so we can imagine ourselves with you in the picture. What a bustling day it was at the park. I loved the one of you flying. Love, Mom Jenny