Tuesday, December 16, 2008

let it snow!

It. Is. Snowing! Here! In New York! Where the temperature has barely dipped below 40 since February.

The snow started at about quarter til one as I was getting ready to go to the gym during my lunch break. The first flakes were sparse (about one per cubic yard of sky), but they were humongous, as if the clouds were clogged and had finally burst.

(The view from my desk)

(And the view from The Knot Cafe -- wish I sat there.
But who am I to covet? At least I have a window!)
The snow has since tapered off, but it's still coming down. The cars and roofs have a nice dusting, and the swirling wind is creating little drifts where buildings meet the sidewalk. Hallelujah!
PS You may have been wondering for quite some time, and it is completely my fault for not explaining (after all, I've had nearly two-and-a-half years to do so)...My married (and professional) name is Ellie Martin Cliffe; well, Elizabeth, really. Not just Ellie Cliffe or good ol' Ellie Martin. I know many of you didn't know at all, so I forgive you. And if you're rebelling because you think it's dumb, humor me! It's my name, for Pete's sake. People don't take shortcuts with Sarah Jessica Parker. We wouldn't even know who Sarah Parker was. So say it with me. Ellie Martin Cliffe. There! You did it. Well done. Now please use it -- it's very much appreciated. And thanks to those of you who have been getting it right.


Amy said...

You can have some of our snow! I'll send it priority mail. It seems like every few days, we get about 6 inches. We have 8-12 inches forecasted for this Thursday/Friday...stay warm...

kzcliffe said...

I love all the pictures of snow in the city - and especially the one of you! I am in the middle of a snow globe right now and fortifying myself to go out for Round Two of shoveling (I had an Angel come at 6 a.m. to do Round One!)
Be on the watch...This Snow Globe is coming your way :)
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

ellie said...

We're in the Snow Globe too, and it's gorgeous (and actually sticking this time)! Glad we're not trying to fly today...I think we'd wind up on another horrible Greyhound ride.

Best part: There's snow in the forecast for Christmas!

Kelly said...

Ellie so glad to "see" you. Looks like great fun. Say hi to NYC for me. It was great fun when we went for a weekend about 6 years ago, but I know we didn't see 1/10 of it!!

Good to see you and Ian doing well. We'll be checking back in. If you're on Facebook or MySpace, look us up!!!

Anonymous said...

Go double names!!!!!
I am firmly Elizabeth Cliffe Kucharski and hate it when people chop off the name. It's long.
Get over it - it's not your name; it's mine.

OK, Love you. :)
*Power to the double names*